To overcome the problem of building real solutions on SharePoint Online and not just sites, lists, and document libraries, we have developed a comprehensive toolbox that we call Wenited HUB.

Based on Wenited HUB, we have built our popular CRM solution GOSELL CRM. Here we have developed a web app that focuses on the driving salesperson’s needs, and tied it all together behind it with a solution built with Wenited HUB – here data is connected to SharePoint and the business systems.

Wenited HUB

Your Key to Effective, Data-Driven Solutions

Imagine a world where you can create complex, data-driven solutions on SharePoint Online faster than ever before. That’s precisely what Wenited HUB offers.

Wenited HUB is a flexible web part for SharePoint Online designed to accelerate the development of data-driven solutions. It functions as a dashboard where you can create configurable cards directly connected to data in SharePoint or other systems via Azure.

With Wenited HUB, you can develop solutions that would typically require coding. Whether you need to implement systems for data management, process control, or documentation, you can design them directly within Wenited HUB.

Ideal for IT departments, Wenited HUB allows you to implement everything from small ad hoc solutions to large data-driven solutions more efficiently than ever before. Let us help you unlock your potential with Wenited HUB.


GOSELL CRM: Streamlining Sales Management

GOSELL CRM is a lightweight, targeted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution designed for scenarios where extensive or complex CRM systems are unnecessary. Instead of investing in a large-scale system and spending time and resources on feature downsizing, GOSELL CRM provides precisely the essential information you need.

Part of the delivery involves integrating with the company’s existing systems, ensuring that all relevant information for the active salesperson and follow-up on sales work is directly accessible.